Whynne's story

Incare patient, 72 year old, Whynne, received a very special visit during her stay at The Prince of Wales Hospice.

On the afternoon of Wednesday 22 March, none other than our president and name sake, The Prince of Wales visited Whynne and chatted to her about her time at the Hospice. We caught up with her shortly after her visit to find out all about it.

Dressed in her brand new nighty, an early mother’s day gift from her daughter in law, Whynne was beaming with excitement when we asked about her royal visitor. She told us it was a great experience and she really enjoyed having the opportunity to chat with HRH. She said;

“I was thrilled to bits when I first met him; he wasn’t like what I expected him to be.  He talked to me about my dogs and my legs, having bad legs, and about being in here.”

Whynne told us that HRH was really friendly and thoughtful, and confessed that this surprised her! However, when we asked about the nurses who have looked after her, she didn’t hesitate to sing their praises.

“It’s nice to have nurses like they are....they are great, anything you ask them to do, they will do.

“On a morning; we have a laugh as well, when they are going in and out of here, I couldn’t wish for a better place.”

Recalling what happened when she was referred the Hospice, Whynne said;

“I ended up at Pinderfields, I was on some tablets that weren’t right, and they made me really ill.  The pills were contradicting each other and I was really poorly.  I don’t know what I would have done if it wasn’t for this place because I was so ill. They got me back on my feet and managed my symptoms.”

Home comforts are really important to Whynne, she chatted to us snuggled up in her bedding which she had brought from home. She told us; “it’s really good, a lot of people don’t know that you can do that, bring your own bedding.’

As we left Whynne’s room, we asked her what she would say to people who were in a similar situation to her and were being referred to the Hospice, she said;

“I would say come as soon as possible because it is a great place to be when you are ill, and I know that because I could have died before I came in, it’s a fantastic place to be.”
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