Malcolm's Story

When we were introduced to Malcolm and his wife Lyn, we couldn’t help but ask how long they’d been married, a whopping 48 years! After having a number of strokes, Malcolm struggles to communicate, so his wife helped him to tell his story. It was amazing to see that Lyn knew exactly what Malcolm wanted to say with only a few words from Malcolm and bits jotted down on paper.

Malcolm was keen to tell us how much he used to love playing Rugby and that he had worked in sports centres all his life, his wife described him as a keep fit fanatic, and Malcolm enthusiastically agreed.

Malcolm has had a total of three strokes, he had his first stroke in 1993 and his last was in 2011. Malcolm is also prone to chest infections, his wife told us that when he developed a chest infection three years ago, it was really bad and they couldn’t get it under control so he ended up in Dewsbury hospital.  Whilst they were doing x-rays they found out that Malcolm had prostate cancer. 

When Malcolm was diagnosed, they found that the prostate cancer had spread into his back and spine and up to his left shoulder. Lyn told us they were limited to what they could do because of Malcolm’s other medical problems, so they couldn’t operate to try and rectify it. 

In recent weeks, Malcolm’s condition has deteriorated and he was admitted to Pinderfield’s hospital after he couldn’t clear what was thought to be a chest infection. Malcolm spent just over a week in Pinderfield’s hospital and then he was offered a bed in the Hospice.    

When asked what their reaction was when they were told there was a bed at the Hospice, Lyn said; “We were pleased, at Wakefield Hospice we’d called in a couple of times when they have the Day Therapy, so we knew they do more than what everyone thinks, so we were quite happy to come here”.

“Most people think you come to the Hospice and you don’t come home again, but because we had done a couple of drop in days we understood more about it, and we knew that he would get better treatment here. It’s more intense here, they’ve got more time."

Lyn told us that the Hospice is working on getting Malcolm’s pain under control for his back; he’s also been having physiotherapy to help loosen fluid on his chest.  Lyn  explained that when Malcolm moves in a certain way he occasionally struggles for air. He’s now on oxygen at the Hospice, something that has never been offered to him before. This has made Malcolm much more comfortable.

Malcolm lit up when Lyn told us about the hydrotherapy bath he had in the Hospice that day. He really enjoyed the relaxing soak in the tub, something he’s not been able to do in years.

As we said our goodbyes, so Malcolm could have his delicious homemade soup which our catering team had just brought in Lyn said; “Malcolm says it’s like a hotel and he’s right, and nothings too much trouble. They are just so switched on here, they’re so good.” 

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