W&D Bereavement Service

About the service

This service is for any bereaved adult living in the Wakefield District. It is a community service to support people to find ways of coping and living with grief following the death of a significant other, however and wherever they died. You can refer yourself or ask a health or social care professional to make the referral.
Call: 01977 781452
Email: bereavement@pwh.org.uk


What can I expect?

When we receive your referral, a trained and experienced bereavement supporter will contact you as soon as possible to arrange your first appointment. They will provide information and ensure we have your agreement to keep confidential records. You will be offered a telephone appointment, lasting up to an hour, to help you identify your
bereavement needs and how we can help. Our support may include:
  • Information and advice about grief or other services you may need.
  •  An agreement for 1:1 emotional support.
  • An opportunity to join a group.
  • A referral for specialist support e.g. financial, advocacy, mental health.
During this initial session your supporter will be clear with you about what happens next and, where agreed, we will allocate you a supporter and/or invite you to join our next available group. We aim to keep waiting times to a minimum and will let you know what to expect.

Where will support take place and for how long?

  • We can offer up to six 1:1 support sessions either over the phone or face to face at The Prince of Wales Hospice. The frequency of the sessions will be agreed with your supporter.
  • Arrangements can be made for video sessions with your supporter, which will require access to the internet and a device that supports video conferencing.
  • Up to eight sessions of group support (1.5 hours) at weekly intervals are available, to help you find ways of coping with your grief by sharing experiences with others. We aim to offer these groups at different venues within the Wakefield District. There may be a wait to join a group in your area.

How can it help?

Grief is one of the most painful of all life experiences. It can impact on how we sleep, eat, engage with friends, family and our enjoyment of usual interests and activities. Adjusting to living a very changed life, in healthy and helpful ways, may demand different ways of coping with our many thoughts and feelings. For some people, support by someone not known to them, or mutual support that can come from being with others in a group, can make all the difference. We can’t change what’s happened. We can help you to find your ways of coping with what’s happened.

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