Dementia friends

We're working to become Dementia Friendly

Cath Brummit, Registered Nurse, is our Dementia Friends Champion here at the Hospice and will help us to meet the needs of patients with dementia and provide dementia training to staff.

Talking about the importance of raising awareness of dementia, Cath said:

‘In an ageing population, more people are being diagnosed with dementia than ever before, so it’s essential that as a Hospice we are dementia friendly.’

To support patients with dementia, Incare is now using the ‘This is Me’ tool; a document for patients to complete to tell staff about their needs, interests, preferences, likes and dislikes just once, which causes less confusion and distress. Signage identifies where the toilet, shower and wardrobes are.

We also have dementia clocks, which have a bigger clock face, tell you the date and whether it’s day or night. During a recent visit to the Hospice, John Jagger, from Doosan Babcock Energy, spoke to our Clinical Services Manager about care for patients with dementia. He really connected with the issues and generously arranged for Doosan Babcock Energy to donate six special dementia clocks. John, and his team at Doosan Babcock Energy, have been fantastic supporters of the Hospice - this is just one of the ways they have helped our patients recently.

To find out more about dementia and to become a dementia friend visit:

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