A tribute to Lesley

Wednesday, 20 May 2020
A Tribute to Lesley Therington, one of the early pioneers for End of Life care in Pontefract.

When a decision was taken to raise funds for a Hospice in the Pontefract District in 1981, Lesley Etherington was one of the first to set up a support group in the Knottingley area. She soon gathered a number of people together to raise funds for the building of the Hospice and then in her truly modest style she handed the leadership of the group to a colleague.

A qualified nurse, Lesley was one of the first of the MacMillan nurses to be working for the NHS in the Pontefract District and willingly lent her expertise in ‘end of life care’ to members of the planning group for the new Hospice.

When, in 1986, HRH The Prince of Wales first offered his support to the building of a Hospice in Pontefract, it was arranged for him to meet supporters in private houses around the District. Lesley, with Pete’s support, offered their home in Knottingley as a venue and on a lovely sunny afternoon guests welcomed the Prince to their garden where a presentation was given on how it was envisaged the new Hospice would look.

Before the Hospice opened to in-patients, an outreach service was started and Lesley became the first MacMillan Nurse to serve what is now, The Prince of Wales Hospice.

With thanks for her wonderful work in the early days - rest in peace now, Lesley.
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