Equality, diversity and inclusion

The Hospice aims to be an inclusive organisation. We encourage equality, diversity and inclusion across all areas of the organisation and we aim to consider, value and welcome diversity in all aspects of our work.

We consider that valuing diversity and difference makes us a stronger organisation.

We are not all the same and we each have our own strengths, we try to embrace this.

The Hospice has a number of different policies and documents in place, and also has an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Working Group who actively promote and champion equality, diversity and inclusion.

The Hospice’s work around equality, diversity and inclusion is important to everything we do, including:

  • The services we offer to our patients and those who support them

  • How we work together across the Hospice

  • How we build relationships with external partners and others we collaborate with

  • How we attract and retain staff

  • How to value individualism and difference

The Hospice actively works to be inclusive. To support this work we have:

  • An EDI Working Group with representatives across the Hospice

  • An Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan

  • Equality and diversity statements in all of our policies and we have specific policies for:

    • Equal Opportunities

    • Menopausa

    • Recruitment and Selection

  • Extending our Reach Paper

  • Equality and Diversity mandatory training for all employees

  • A programme of Equality, Inclusion and Difference awareness training for all employees

The Hospice also supports and has signed up as an active member of the Equality & Diversity Pledge for the Wakefield District.

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