Wellbeing for patients

Our Wellbeing Team supports Incare patients on a daily bases

The Wellbeing Team

Our experienced team includes:

  • Wellbeing Lead

  • Wellbeing coordinator

  • Wellbeing Support Worker

  • Social Worker

  • Complementary Therapy Lead

  • Physiotherapist

How the Wellbeing Team supports the Hospice Incare unit

Our aim is to maximise the quality of life for patients. We do this by optimising physical function and emotional wellbeing.

Our care is holistic, looking after the whole person. We address emotional, psychological and spiritual needs, alongside physical needs. We focus on the person and not just the illness, supporting them and those around them.

When a person is admitted to the Hospice, we know it can be daunting and the fear of the unknown can cause anxiety for the patient and their family.

Our Wellbeing team is here to support the patient and their family in whatever way we can. This includes helping patients to leave behind lasting memories, such as cards and memory boxes, helping people to continue hobbies and interests, such as reading, watching films, knitting and  painting. Or, by spending time chatting and finding out what is important to the patient. 

We offer wellbeing services for not only patients but their carers, families and anyone in the community who needs support. Find out more about our Wellbeing Community Support here

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