Gift in your will

When you donate in your will you are using an extremely generous, thoughtful and caring way to donate vital funds to the Hospice. It ensures that we are able to ensure a good quality of life to all our patients long into the future.

To donate in your will is easy and it can be as little as 1% of what you leave behind.
Family always come first, so make sure they are provided for. But please think of the Hospice and help us to continue to be there for the local community for years to come.

Every year the Hospice relies on income received from legacies to provide services free of charge to people from the local community with life-limiting illnesses. Legacies also help us develop and improve the care we offer to patients for years to come.

If you have already made provision for the Hospice in your will – thank you. If you would like to let us know this, in strictest confidence, you can telephone 01977 708868.

If you are thinking of leaving a gift in your will you and your solicitor may find our sample codicil wording useful. To find out more about ways to make a gift in your will, or about the work you would be supporting, please telephone 01977 708868.

Sample codicil wording

If you wish to remember the Hospice in your will, your solicitor will put a clause (known as a codicil) in your will which looks something like this:

"I give to The Prince of Wales Hospice of Halfpenny Lane, Pontefract, West Yorkshire, WF8 4BG, registered charity no. 514999 <insert gift, or % share of estate> for the general charitable purposes of the Hospice. The receipt of the General Manger, or other proper officer of the Hospice, shall be good and sufficient discharge."

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