Set up your fundraising page

Make it easy to your supporters to donate

Setting up an online fundraising page is a simple process.

It will give you the opportunity to share your event and updates on your activities, and give an easy way to your supporters to donate. 

Here are some hints and tips how you can set up a brilliant fundraising page and raise more money for The Prince of Wales Hospice.

  1.  Sign up - You can sign up here, using your Facebook account or an email address. We trust Enthuse to handle our fundaising activites and the processing online payments. 

  2.  Set a target – Setting a target is not only a great way of motivating yourself, but it’s great also encouraging for your supporters.

  3.  Add your photo and a background photo - Adding photos to your page increases donations!

  4.  Tell your story - Make your fundraising personal. People love to know what your challenge is about, what your motivations are for doing it.

  5.  Share, share and share - Make sure you tell everyone about your fundraising events and keep them updated. You can choose to share it at any time using your personal URL and/or the social share buttons automatically included on your page.


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