Hospice Hero

Step aside Superman….
Your Hospice Needs You! Take on our Hospice Hero Challenge and become a Superhero!

The Hospice Hero Pack is filled with exciting activities and motivating challenges which will help you become a Hospice Hero!
You will also have the opportunity to create your very own superhero mask for you to wear whilst carrying out your adventure! Every pack will include a sponsorship form for you to be able to support the ‘super’ work in which our very own superheroes do for our patients and their families.
We have 1,000 packs available, it is incredible to think that if every hospice superhero was to raise an incredible  total of £50 each, this amount would equate to £50,000 which could run an incare bed for over three whole months.

To get your hands on one of our very special superhero packs simply completing the form below.
The Hospice Hero packs are aimed at ages 5-10 years.
Once you have completed the your superhero mission you will be rewarded with a very special Hospice Hero badge and certificate to display with pride.

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