Mollie's story

“This is a wonderful, beautiful place. Nobody should be afraid to come here.” Mollie said as soon as we sat down and started chatting about her recent stay on our Incare ward.
Mollie Hodgkiss was diagnosed with bladder cancer and has been receiving palliative care. She was referred to the Hospice for respite care after a recent stay in hospital with a chest infection.
“I told the doctors if they were sending me anywhere, it had to be The Prince of Wales Hospice.”
Mollie is a long-time supporter of the Hospice. She has been involved in fundraising since the beginning in the 1980s, joining her sister in law in a variety of fundraising activities along with her extended family. She has raised money over the years with bake sales, holding coffee mornings, and wine and cheese evenings with friends. She has also made items for event stalls to sell including baby and doll clothing, pin cushions and lavender bags. She added: “I still bake a cake every year, but I’m just a small brick in the wall.”
During her stay at the Hospice our nurses and doctors kept her pain under control. Mollie enjoyed the Jacuzzi bath while on Incare which is also available to those in the community who would like to access our bathing service, which gives patients a safe and relaxing bathing experience to help improve wellbeing. She said: “It was fantastic, very relaxing. The tranquility gave me time to reflect.”
Our Wellbeing Team made sure Mollie was as settled as she could be during her stay. They kept her busy at our crafts sessions; and they organised an afternoon tea for her and her family in our Garden Room, catered by The Caring Kitchen. Mollie’s daughter, Jill said: “It was a real treat to have afternoon tea with mum, the food was delicious!”
Before Mollie went home, she said: “I feel like I was on holiday, on a cruise or something. Everyone was so friendly and nothing was too much trouble.”

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