Jan and her family's story

Jan Power, her husband Brendan and her sister Pam have been regular attendees of our Wellbeing sessions, you can read more about their experience here.
In December, Jan was admitted to our Incare ward for symptom management and palliative care and was happy to sit down with us again to tell us her story from the different perspective now she was staying on our ward.
“I came from Pinderfields Hospital and there is a completely different ethos here at the Hospice. I had no fear about being on the ward because I knew it so well from the wellbeing sessions. We’d already met most of the members of staff and they greeted us like old friends.”
“The one on one care is really remarkable and something you’d probably only expect from the private sector. Everybody you meet is caring, efficient and attentive while maintaining a level of professionalism. It’s not just the doctors and nurses that show empathy, it’s everyone you encounter.”
“I’ve struggled with eating but the chefs have been brilliant, trying different recipes to see what I could enjoy. Everyone wants to make you feel as comfortable as possible and in many ways it’s even like being at a hotel.”
“Because everyone you meet is so compassionate, it makes the experience less scary not just for you but your family too. The Wellbeing Team have really helped us to make memories as a family while I’ve been on the ward. I’ve found peace and comfort speaking to Rod, the Spiritual Care Lead and he has found ways for the whole family to feel at peace too. I have no fear for what may come and that is largely to do with the Hospice and the exceptional care available.”
Jan and her family have always been very charitable and explained they had always had a list of organisations they wanted to help through leaving legacies. Following the families experience with the Hospice they decided to leave a substantial donation to the Hospice so new chairs could be purchased for the rooms on the ward. Jan added “The Hospice really does make you feel as comfortable as possible but it’s always nice to have a comfy place to sit as well”.

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