Heather's story

We caught up with Heather from Hemsworth who was diagnosed with lobular cancer six years ago. Heather told us; “The breast cancer was all under my arm and it spread down towards my kidneys and that’s why I ended up coming here because my kidneys were not working.” Heathers spirits were high, as the Hospice were preparing for her to go home. Heather was admitted to our Incare ward before Christmas for symptom management. The team have worked with her to maintain her independence and now her condition has improved, we are thrilled she is able to go home.
Heather said that before she came to the Hospice she was being cared for at Doncaster Royal Infirmary. She said; “It was a case of it could go one way or the other, and when they asked me where I wanted to go I said The Prince of Wales Hospice and so they brought me here, and I’ve just got better since.” 

Heather knew a little bit about the Hospice already as she regularly attends our Outreach group at Badsworth every Friday. Speaking about Outreach Heather said; “They’ve always got something to keep you occupied and it just helps you take your mind off things. It’s good that you’re with other people that are in a similar situation as you and the staff can’t do enough for everyone.”

Heather spoke about how the Hospice has helped her since staying on Incare, she said; “They’ve helped me get up, washed, dressed, because I’ve been so weak I couldn’t manage it myself, but now I’m getting a little bit stronger they allow me to do as much as I can, so that I’ll be more able when I go home.”

Just before we said goodbye, we asked Heather what she would say to anyone who may be worried about coming to the Hospice; she explained; “There’s no need to worry because not everybody comes into the Hospice to die. It’s not a place where you come to die, it’s a place where you come to be treated and hopefully get better and sent home like me. I thought I had come here to die but that wasn’t the case. It did worry me a little bit, but then I got talking to the staff and they put my mind at ease."
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