Grace's story

Grace  has recently had two stays on incare, both lasting around two weeks.  Grace was diagnosed with lymphoma in April this year, and she also has a mass on her spleen. 
She was referred to the Hospice by her Macmillan nurse after experiencing severe back pain.  She had no qualms about being admitted as she had always heard nice things about the Hospice from friends who had experienced Hospice care.  She knew she would be well looked after.
Thankfully for Grace, the Hospice team were able to ease her pain through medication, and she is now ready to return home again.
Grace explains “The Hospice is a lovely place to be.  When I first arrived, I couldn’t believe that the room I was in was going to be my room.  I thought it was somewhere I had to wait until the Doctor saw me. The staff here are all very friendly, and can’t do enough for me.  My husband knows that I am well looked after when I am here and that he doesn’t have to worry about me, and that gives him a bit of respite too.  I also love the meals here, especially the Sunday roast.  We always support the Hospice, and would encourage others to do the same.  This would mean the Hospice can be around for years to come for those who need it.  It really is a wonderful place.”
We are grateful to Grace for sharing her story, and wish her all the best on her return home.

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