Christine Attwood's story

Changing perspectives
Christine Attwood’s perception of hospice care underwent a profound transformation when she found herself within its walls. Initially scared and anxious, through her journey at our Hospice, she realised how much more the Hospice offers than just end  of life care, and she turned into being hopeful and positive.

When we caught up with her and her visiting brother and sister-in-law, they told me all about their experience. 

Christine said: “I live in Ackworth, worked hard in all my life running my own business of manufacturing curtains. I worked up until April last year when I got ill and I was diagnosed with cancer. After chemotherapy treatment, I felt lots of back pain and the doctor suggested to go to hospice for pain management. 

When I heard the word HOSPICE I did not want to come, and felt absolutely frightened because I thought I was going to die here.” 
But Christine’s perception swiftly shifted on her arrival. 
Christine explained: “Two days before I was admitted to the Hospice, I had a consultation with one of the doctors, Paul, explaining what treatment I would receive and what services they offer, which lifted up all my worries about staying in the Hospice.”

“First surprise was when I saw the room, it was like a hotel room, single bed with ensuite shower room. Jenny, the Wellbeing Support Worker came to my room bringing me a pot of beautiful daffodils, which were planted by one of the volunteer gardeners. Daffodils are one of my favourite flowers, and this simple gesture of welcoming me on my first day made a big difference."
“The other day Jenny asked me if I wanted to meet a lovely dog, called Otis. I love dogs, we always had dogs, so I was happy to meet him. Otis was so cute. He was lying on the bench calmly and let me stroke him. It was an amazing experience and made me so happy.” 

Christine’s brother John commented: “It was the best thing that happened to her in weeks. It was better than medicine.”

Christine continued: “Not just Jenny, every single one of the staff are so wonderful. Chris, the Occupational Therapist, spent long time just chatting with me. It is such a good thing that they have time to spend with me, not rushing with things. I had had no appetite before coming here, but the chef was keen to make the best food for me and I’m eating well now. I have also tried the bathing service; that bath I had was just out of this world.”

“The whole experience here at the Hospice is just amazing. We have to get this across to people. And that it is not just about end of life and they want to help you improve. Now I know, that I’m here to get better.”
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