Anne's story

Anne came to the Hospice and was an incare patient for three weeks. She came for pain management and she was ready to go home after a short period of time. 

When I caught up with her she explained: 

‘First I heard about the Hospice 16 years ago when my husband was admitted to here for some pain management. He spent some time in and out of the ward and after a while he died here.’

Anne was diagnosed with spinal cancer and admitted to hospital. At the hospital they could not ease her pain and they referred her to our Hospice to have specialist care. 

She said: ‘I came here for pain relief. People say, once you get in a hospice you won’t come out. I’m going to prove that they are wrong.’

‘The nurses are fantastic and so patient. It’s good that I can have a laugh with them.’

‘I had a very bad pain in my back.  Here they have been giving me pain killers. After being here for a short period of time, I’m ready to go home. I feel that I can manage my pain at home now. I learnt when I feel the pain, I need to stop and rest and ease the pain.’ 

‘I live in Castleford and have two daughters and three grandchildren. When I go home, one of my daughters will spend the first week with me to help me settle.’ 

Anne also felt strong enough to attend some of our arts and crafts group sessions, and she painted a part of a big artwork which will be displayed on the Queens’ Jubilee celebration in Pontefract. 

We wish Anne all the best on her return home.
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