Advice line

Healthcare professionals involved in the care of a patient with palliative care needs can call our advice line on 01977 781456. 

The advice line  is available 24 hours/ seven days a week.

We can accept calls on the Advice Line on any issue relating to palliative care and can advise on:

  • the care available when there is a rapid change in a patient’s condition;

  • controlling pain and other symptoms like nausea and sickness;

  • whether particular combinations of drugs are compatible or appropriate;

  • ways to support family members.

The line will be answered by the senior nurse on duty. If they are unable to respond to your enquiry, they will signpost you to an alternative member of the Hospice multi-disciplinary team or occasionally to another organisation. There is a palliative medicine consultant on call 24 hours a day to seek advice and for the senior nurse to liaise with if needed.

All calls to the advice line are reviewed at the Hospice’s referral meeting each weekday.

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