Fred's story

Fred lives alone after his wife sadly passed away. He tells us how attending Day Therapy at the Prince of Wales Hospice  has provided him with much needed companionship.

Fred attends the social day of our Day Therapy programme, which runs every Tuesday. We caught up with him over a cuppa and chatted about his time at the Hospice.

Fred was first referred to The Prince of Wales Hospice by his GP for a six week programme of physiotherapy at the end of 2015.
He explains; “I came here originally before Christmas for physiotherapy because I was having trouble with my legs, they were getting weak as I don’t move around that often. I also have a breathing problem, so I had breathing exercises. When I finished my treatment they invited me to come here (Day Therapy).”

Our social day at Day Therapy supports patients to gain and retain physical independence after they have undergone medical treatment at the Hospice. It also allows us to maintain contact with patients in a more relaxed setting.

Patients get the chance to meet other people in a similar situation, gaining social support from each other, and have the opportunity to get involved with a huge range of creative and therapeutic activities.

Social support is hugely important to Fred, he told us; “When I first came here, I spoke to Laura (one of our Registered Nurses) about this; it’s a question of social therapy which is quite essential when you’re living on your own. It does get quite boring, when you get to that despondent stage of not knowing what to do with yourself.”

Fred loves chatting and getting to know everyone at Day Therapy. Talking about the people he’s met here, he said; “You have people to talk to, all different subjects, it’s amazing. You talk to people and you find out what they did for a living, all that sort of thing. I talk to the Vicar about photography because I used to be in the film business and he likes photography, so we have a lot to chat about.”
As we said goodbye to Fred, he told us why Day Therapy means so much to him, “It keeps the brain working which is important. You may not be getting better physically, but as long as you can think logically then it does make a lot of difference to your life.”
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