Lymphoedema clinic

Lymphoedema is a swelling condition that usually affects the arms and legs. It is most often caused by the removal of the lymph nodes as part of treatment for cancer, though the swelling may not start for many years after surgery. It can also occur genetically.

Lymphoedema is not curable but the build up of fluid that causes the swelling can be treated and managed at the clinic and through suggested activities at home. Our lymphoedema team help with skincare, infection control, exercise, fluid drainage techniques and weight management. 

We also offer two outreach lymphoedema services at Wakefield Hospice and the Rosewood Centre in the grounds of Dewsbury and District Hospital.

Patients must be referred to the clinic by their GP or consultant. Those referred will be invited to an assessment appointment lasting about two hours, which includes a thorough consultation. After this, we will arrange a course of treatment or appointments to best help you.

Appointments are available every weekday, including an evening session on the first Wednesday of each month. 

John was successfully treated at the Hospice’s Lymphoedema Clinic for more than a year:

"After overcoming cancer you think you’re in the clear but as a result of my treatment I got lymphoedema and swollen limbs.

I was finding it impossible to do everyday things and very painful. Luckily I was referred to the Hospice and their Lymphoedema Clinic.

My regular visits have given me my life back. My massage treatment and compressions have allowed me the use of my limbs again. Without the Hospice and the care I have received I’m not sure what I would have done."

Find out more about our Lymphoedema service in this leaflet.

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