Roger Whitaker, a tribute.

Monday, 16 April 2018

It’s with great sadness we announce that Roger Whitaker, died here at the Hospice on 24 March.

After a long and successful career as a BT Engineering Manager, Roger became a volunteer driver for the Hospice almost 25 years to the day before he died. He became a Trustee six years later in 1999 and retired from his role just before Christmas.

However, fundraising proved to be Roger’s forte. At a practical level, he was a dab hand at running tombolas, he used to wash all the cuddly toys beforehand and hang them on his washing line so we could use them as prizes. He cleaned collection tins that had been returned and always ensured the bookstall at Pontefract bus station was stocked.

Roger took a great interest in how the fundraising department was performing and often produced analyses of that performance over time to see how it compared with other hospices, all with a view to see where and how we could improve.

Any such improvement was vital to Roger, because he had one overarching motivation and that was for the Hospice to provide the best possible care to as many people as possible. He used his analytical skills to great effect by scrutinising the clinical performance statistics to ensure that our resources were being used efficiently and to the greatest possible benefit for those who would or could benefit from them.

He was also a determined, if quiet and often unseen, advocate for Hospice staff and volunteers. He was adamant that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect and by means that were transparent and applied equitably.

For Roger it was a great honour to be a Trustee of the Hospice. For the Hospice it was a privilege to have him on board for so many years. He, and his sage advice, will be missed.

David Stewart, Chief Executive


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