Remembering David with Light up a Life

Monday, 18 September 2023
Remembering David with Light up a Life Remembering David with Light up a Life
When Brenda and David Whitehouse met in a local pub, it took a bit of convincing before Brenda waived to David’s charms. He won her over though and on their first date, they went to see a show. When David excused himself to use the bathroom, Brenda began to get worried that he’d been gone for quite a while. His response? “There was a big queue!” Years later, David admitted to Brenda that he’d actually run across to the pub for a few pints. Brenda says this was typical David – always making her laugh.

The pair got married in 1970 and were subsequently married 53 years, which saw them have their two children, Philip and Marie. The couple endured their first heartache when Marie sadly died when she was only a baby.
David was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in the early 2000’s and managed symptoms with treatment for the years following diagnosis. After struggling with his mobility, David was admitted to hospital where he was told the devastating news that his Cancer had spread to his spinal cord.

In late October 2022, David was admitted to The Prince of Wales Hospice. When the family were looking into palliative care for him, he already knew he wanted to go to the Hospice as it was where his Mother was cared for so well.

He remained at the Hospice until the 3rd February 2023, when he died peacefully, with Brenda and Philip at his side. Throughout David’s four month stay, Brenda and Philip became regular faces to Hospice staff; always stopping for a chat when they came to visit David.

Both Brenda and Philip say the staff were absolute angels; the Reception volunteers would always welcome them by name, the kitchen staff would pop in each time for a chat and the cleaners would stop by and speak to them too.

Brenda says, “If anyone is worried or frightened about having a loved one come to the Hospice, please don’t be. Any fear is lifted from you the minute you walk in those doors and the staff greet you.”

Brenda and Philip will be supporting Light up a Life this year in memory of David, as way of saying thank you to the Hospice for the care and love provided to the family during this harrowing time for them.

Brenda tells everyone, “I certainly couldn’t have cared for David like they did if he was at home. They really were my lifeline. They made me a very happy lady during such a sad time.”
Philip says, “They really looked after my Dad and my Mum. Everyone was brilliant. When we got the call from Sister Jo Benson to say Dad was deteriorating, she took us into the room and explained everything to us as they made Dad comfortable in his final hours.”

Brenda and Philip invite others to take part in Light up a Life this year to remember loved ones this Christmas. By supporting the appeal, you will be ensuring the Hospice can continue to help people like David and his family when they need it most.
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