London Marathon Success

Thursday, 18 May 2017

As told be Paul Redfearn...

So, at 10:00 on the morning of 23rd April 2017, reality suddenly hits home!

My wife Susan and I are stood on the start line of the 37th London Marathon with 26.2 miles of running ahead of us (yes those 0.2 miles matter).  For me this will be my 3rd Marathon albeit my first at London, but for Susan, this is her first ever Marathon having never run further than 10k’s before training.

Fast forward to 15:10 and we are both running down the Mall with the finish line in sight ahead of us.  This was that moment we had both dreamt about for the past 6 months whilst out pounding those pavements in all the weather conditions that Yorkshire can throw at you.  There were moments, when plagued by what seemed a never ending list of injuries, I thought I might not even be able to make it to the start line, but start it we did and what a day it was.  A day that will remain with us both for the rest of our lives for so many reasons.

Anyone who has ever run the London Marathon will know exactly what I mean.  The support we received along the full length of the course was just something else.  With our names proudly emblazed across our Prince of Wales Hospice running vests we continuously heard our names cheered loudly by literally thousands of supporters along the route, and believe me there were times that we needed that encouragement, when our legs felt that they were no longer willing to move another yard forwards.

But the biggest memory that will remain with us both, as we ran hand in hand down that final 385 yards of the Mall, was the reason why and for who we were doing this for.

My dear mum sadly passed away back in October in the Prince of Wales Hospice.  The care and compassion that the staff showed my mum and us as a family during her final days and hours will remain with us all for ever.

To be offered the chance to run on behalf of the Hospice and in memory of my mum was an absolute honour and a privilege and the response from family, friends, works colleagues and others has been nothing short of staggering and overwhelming.  As I write this, we have just gone through the £8,000 barrier (including Gift Aid) and the total continues to rise.  This was well beyond our wildest expectations at the outset and is testimony to how much my mum meant to so many and how thankful and grateful everyone is for the excellent work the hospice does.

So thank you to The Prince of Wales Hospice for everything you did for my mum, and for us as a family, and for allowing us that opportunity to represent you in London.  It gives us great comfort to know that the funds we have raised will go towards helping others who, unfortunately, find themselves in the same position as us.

But finally, thank you mum, this one was most definitely for you xx


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