Former miners dig deep to fund local Hospice

Tuesday, 14 November 2017
The Prince of Wales Hospice have recently received a generous donation of £5,000 from Sharlston Colliery N.U.M General Purposes Fund.
Sharlston Colliery N.U.M General Purposes Fund was founded in 1962, funded by miners for miners. Last month, residents of Sharlston gathered to celebrate the history of the Colliery, honouring their commitment to making a difference to the lives of hardworking miners, many of which paid into the fund. 
Representative, Geoffrey Chapman, said; “it has always been an ambition of ours to hand over funds to the Hospice, thanking them for the comfort they have provided, and continue to provide to many miners in the local area.”
Over the past 4 years, the hospice has cared for over 60 people who suffered from occupational lung diseases, such as Pneumoconiosis, which is caused by inhaling dust – a common side effect of working in the mines. 
The £5,000 generously donated by the fund could run an Incare bed at the Hospice for two weeks, funding all the medical support needed to care for a patient staying at the hospice. 

We  would like to thank Sharlston Colliery N.U.M General Purposes Fund for kindly choosing to support their local hospice.  
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