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Imagine if you were so weak that you couldn't get out of bed, or even lift a cup of tea by yourself.  How would you feel?  Helpless? Worthless? Angry? Sad?  It’s difficult to imagine.

For many of our patients, this scenario is all too often a reality.

When Keith was first admitted to the Hospice, he had been in hospital for around three weeks.  He desperately wanted to gain the strength to get out of bed and sit in a chair, something he was unable to do without help.  He wasn't even strong enough to lift a cup to his mouth.

After just over a week working with the Hospice physiotherapists, he could move from his bed to the chair with the help of a zimmer frame.  He also gained strength in his arms so that he was able to feed himself again. 

Keith progressed so well that he was soon ready to return home, with help from carers. 

“I don’t want to go home and be a passenger in my life. I want to be driving it.” That’s a pretty good attitude for any 73 year old to have!

This is what Hospice care is all about – helping people to live life to their fullest potential. 

Your donation can help us to support more people like Keith, and get them in the driving seat of life. 

Please give today, and give a better quality of life for others like Keith.

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