Tracey's Olympic Triathlon Challenge and Weight Loss Journey

In September 2015 my health became a cause for concern due to being severely over weight. With the help of a personal trainer, I began this amazing journey to lose weight, get fitter, gain confidence and begin to enjoy my life with my family. I have completed so many exciting things and there are so many more to come. This year I have three challenges, the first will be on the 20th May when I am in a relay team to complete a half Ironman distance triathlon, I shall be swimming the first part which is a 1900m swim in open water. The second is to complete the Olympic Triathlon on the 10th June in Roundhay Park, Leeds and the third is to take part in York's 10mile run on the 14th October. I am wanting to raise £50000 for The Prince of Wales Hospice, and at the same time raise awareness to people who are in the position I was in back in 2015, they can do it and there are people wanting to help and encourage you. It is never too late.
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About Tracey's Olympic Triathlon Challenge and Weight Loss Journey

I am Tracey, and like most people my age, my weight had been yo-yoing for most of my life. I had tried almost every diet going and even prescribed diet pills to try and lose weight and keep it off. But, no matter what I tried it always ended in the same result. The weight that I had lost came straight back on just as quickly. It left me stressed, upset and reaching for food for comfort. I knew I was the heaviest I had ever been, my confidence had completely gone and my health was beginning to worry me. I was on the borderline of being pre diabetic. I was in all the health brackets that put me at high risk of heart disease, heart attacks and the rest. I knew something had to change quickly. I knew I couldn’t do it on my own. I had tried before and it hadn’t worked. So, I plucked up the courage “now or never” and decided to invest in a personal trainer and I stayed with him until April this year. I decided to move another personal trainer, Michael Barrett from Forever Lean, he is based in Crossfit, Wakefield. I needed a new approach, one I could maintain and learn to be more independent, confident and still enjoy everything around me. I still swim etc in Total Fitness and do my training there and they encourage me so much. I have had the most amazing journey so far, the has been the bumps in the road and I went off track but with all the guidance and encouragement around me I am coming back so much stronger. I have completed a number of triathlons with last June, the Olympic distance triathlon being the most memorable one I have ever done. Before moving personal trainers my weight loss slowed up and I put some back on. Michael has shown me a different way of managing my food and the way I see it and now the weight is beginning to come off again. I am loving going out for meals, having the odd glass of wine without feeling guilty, plus with the added bonus I am still losing most weeks. I love my training and learning new ways to help me get into shape. I am a member of Wakefield Triathlon Club, they are so amazing. It doesn’t matter how slow or fast you are, they give you the encouragement to keep going. I have made some brilliant friends and we go out running, swimming and cycling together most weeks. We even went and played squash the other week and it was great trying something new. I still play badminton as well at Wrenthorpe Badminton Club, we train on a Wednesday night as well as play matches. Badminton is such a great game, I come alive in that and have so much fun. You go onto the court and forget everything around you and just play. Win or lose, just being able to play is enough for me. Moving on Michael is helping me to lose all the additional weight I want, helping make me stronger with the weight sessions, at the same time know how I can help myself become independent. He is an amazing trainer, I have only been with him in a short while but I can see the changes that are happening in me already. I am excited to see where I am a few months from now, how much stronger and leaner I will become. I know I am so much happier and its all down to him and his professional guidance and knowledge. He shows he really cares about everyone he trains, he enjoys it when you hit a goal and helps you reach the next one. Anyone who is wanting to change and doesn’t think it is possible, there is so many support networks around who can help. I have got so many friends who have stuck by me, especially recently when I wasn’t sure how I wanted to continue my journey. I never wanted to give up but wasn’t sure which way to go. Thank you to my sponsors, Riverside Signs and Design, Castleford, Total Fitness, Wakefield and Forever Lean, Wakefield for making this all possible. Michael Barrett, Personal Trainer, Forever Lean, Wakefield. Tracey started with a goal in the beginning. She was sick and tired of being of not being in control. As so many of us out there are, we want to eat healthy, and develop that lean body that we all think about. But sometimes it’s can just seem impossible to start. “I could do it if [insert reason]. The most inspiring thing I find about Tracey is she’s just taken control. You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. I understand how hard this can be for a lot of you out there. There’s a lot of conflicting idea’s and methods. Tracey has approached this the right way, she sought after professional help and you can see that in what she’s achieved already. My biggest goal with Tracey to help her create the figure, and physical performance that she wants. But also, make it so that when the time comes, she can do it all by herself or help other people along the way. We are building habits around food, and lifestyle that allows for flexibility, which in turn creates consistency, and consistency brings nothing but fantastic results. Tracey is very ambitious, and it can be infectious to be around. Her attitude to exercise is inspiring, she loves every session come rain or shine, and i am eternally grateful that she’s given me this opportunity to help her succeed. I’m honoured that she’s trusting me, and I won’t let her down! Now, go Smash it Tracey!!!!!

Event Details

Event: I am organising my own event/activity
Details: Half Outlaw (Ironman) triathlon, Olympic Triathlon, Roundhay Park, Leeds and York 10 mile run
Date: 20/05/2018, 10/06/18 and 14/10/18

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+£1.25 Gift Aid
"Good luck Tracy get out there and smash it We know you will be great just believe in yourself Love mel Isaac and Eli "
Donation by Mel Wass on 08/06/2018
+£1.25 Gift Aid
"Well done Tracey x"
Donation by Jayne Fitzpatrick on 15/06/2017
+£2.50 Gift Aid
Donation by Steve Roome on 12/06/2017
"Well done!"
Donation by Amanda Vigar on 12/06/2017
+£6.25 Gift Aid
"Well done, very proud of you, its been great to see your improvement over the past few months training. Keep at it "
Donation by Andrew Donnelly on 12/06/2017
+£6.25 Gift Aid
"Well done Tracey!!!! You're an inspiration. Jan Burrill"
Donation by Jan Burrill on 12/06/2017
+£25.00 Gift Aid
"Tracey you are amazing. Love from Elaine Steve Rachel and Emily x"
Donation by Elaine Forrest on 11/06/2017
+£2.50 Gift Aid
"Good luck Mrs! Xx"
Donation by Pamela Ross on 31/05/2017
+£5.00 Gift Aid
"Go for it Tracey. You will do it you are an inspiration! "
Donation by William Innes on 21/05/2017
+£2.50 Gift Aid
"Absolutely amazing Tracey- soooo happy for you with all you have achieved! Lesley x"
Donation by Lesley Allert on 26/04/2017
+£2.50 Gift Aid
"Well done on Wakey 10k Z x "
Donation by Zoe Hilton on 19/04/2017
+£2.50 Gift Aid
"Keep up the good work Tracey!"
Donation by Natalie Coult on 22/02/2017
+£7.50 Gift Aid
"Good luck Tracey! I'm sure you'll smash it! Just choose the cutest lycra clad butt and follow that to keep you going! 😉🍀 xx"
Donation by Laura Bairstow on 17/02/2017
+£12.50 Gift Aid
Donation by Graham Webb on 13/02/2017
"Great stuff Tracey - best of luck with the event and the training."
Donation by Tim Hobbs on 26/01/2017
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