Skydive 2019

Aiming to reach £400

About Skydive 2019

In memory of Alan Newsome who recieved some fantastic care throughout his illness from everyone at the hospice

Event Details

Event: Skydive July 2019
Details: Lincoln
Date: 21/07/2019

With thanks to...

Donation by Jayne Sutcliffe on 12/08/2019
+£6.25 Gift Aid
"So proud of you jilly well done! Xxx"
Donation by Sarah Hainsworth on 19/07/2019
"What an inspiration. Love you Jill xx"
Donation by Caroline Robson on 19/07/2019
+£5.00 Gift Aid
Donation by mary Richardson on 16/07/2019
+£2.50 Gift Aid
"Good luck Jill! "
Donation by Anonymous on 16/07/2019
+£2.50 Gift Aid
Donation by nikki lowe on 16/07/2019
+£25.00 Gift Aid
"Try not to land on Jerry Good luck 🍀🤗 Allen & Maxine"
Donation by ALLEN STIRLING on 16/07/2019
Donation by liam murphy on 16/07/2019
+£12.50 Gift Aid
"Hope it’s a controlled dive Jillo and not a free fall love jerry x"
Donation by jerry murphy on 16/07/2019
Donation by Anonymous on 14/07/2019
+£2.50 Gift Aid
"Good luck...don't look down?! Haha. "
Donation by Helena Ho on 13/07/2019
Donation by Nigel Murphy on 13/07/2019
+£2.50 Gift Aid
"Well done mate, next time I’ll join ya "
Donation by Anna Morley on 13/07/2019
+£2.50 Gift Aid
"Hope you enjoy it! x"
Donation by Kimberley Murphy on 13/07/2019
"Enjoy every minute! Well done brave lady! X"
Donation by Jenny Clarkin on 13/07/2019
+£2.50 Gift Aid
"You're a braver woman than me 😊"
Donation by Jill Fairbairn on 13/07/2019
+£2.50 Gift Aid
"Well done Jill Newsome. xx"
Donation by Susan Hart on 13/07/2019
Donation by michele richardson on 13/07/2019
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