Hill Tribe Challenge May 2020

Amanda and Phil Hobbs are taking on the challenge of Thailand, volunteering in the Hill Tribes of Mae Hong Son Province, assisting elephant conservation, and get hands on with the infrastructure projects in May 2020.

About Hill Tribe Challenge May 2020

We will be ticking off another bucket list challenge, volunteering in the Hill Tribes of Thailand on May 23rd May - 6th June 2020. We'll be using our skills to educate young girls and women on safe sex, and health. Phil will be putting his skills to good use when working with the construction team in Thailand. We will be working with rescued elephants in the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, gaining a wider understanding of conservation and spending a lot of time with these majestic animals. The park is also home to 400 dogs and 500 cats, not to mention the other farm animals! With over half of our fundraising going to a local charity, The Prince of Wales Hospice, its great to be involved with a charity close to home as well as the amazing work we'll be doing out there. Please give generously.

Event Details

Event: Thailand Elephant and Hill Tribes Challenge
Date: 19/09/2020

With thanks to...

Donation by Amanda Hobbs on 18/01/2020
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