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I hope to improve my fitness and shed some pounds for this great charity. To stay on track with my weight loss journey, I need motivation. Knowing I can raise just a little something to give back to this charity is more than the drive I need to succeed.

About Big slim

On March 7th 2018 my dad, Gary Cooper lost his battle with cancer. He fought hard and tackled everything in his stride with lots of love and support along the way. We were fortunate to have the love and support of the prince of Wales hospice staff by our side. Everyone we came into contact with, couldn’t have provided us with anymore care and as a young family, we needed that. I’d heard how amazing the staff were but never fully understood how amazing they were until the heartbreaking time came for us to meet them. There is honestly no words I can find to thank them enough for looking after my dad the way they did and there are no thank yous big enough. One thing I know for certain is that if my dad could have met them, he would have loved them all and had many a laugh with them, and I’m certain that they would have shared a tale of two with him. He was definitely a character that won’t be forgotten. I wanted to give something back to the prince of Wales hospice and I hope that many more patients and family find comfort and peace whilst at this place. As a charity run facility I thought, I want to help. So... This is where my mission began. On the 14th April I decided I was dieting and not an ‘I’ll start on Monday’ diet. I joined the gym and decided to become fitter and make better choices. My brother and lovely sister in law to be get married on 4th August 2018. Our dad would have been so proud to see his first born son marry his childhood sweetheart and I’m sure he’ll be there in spirit. So that day is my goal day. I will weigh in on the 4th August 2018 and hopefully I will have lost pounds. So the pounds that I loose I hope to make up in sponsors/donations. If you will dig deep and pledge to donate a set amount then great or why not put your faith in me and sponsor £ for lb. I’m a little late with gathering sponsors and have already lost 18lbs Any donations/sponsors will be greatly received. Raising money for such an amazing cause will definitely give me the will power and determination to succeed and put down the cake🤪

Event Details

Event: I am organising my own event/activity
Details: Sponsored slim
Date: 14/04/2018

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+£2.50 Gift Aid
"Good luck Hannah and sleep tight Gary mate till we meet again love Steve and Bev xx"
Donation by Bev Heaton on 22/06/2018
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