Reclining Chair Appeal - Jan's story

A special chair for a special lady

Jan Power from Featherstone was a vibrant lady, who liked keeping busy. First as a nurse at Pontefract Hospital but took early retirement due to a back injury. Then in her down time she became an advisor at Citizens Advice and an epilepsy volunteer. She chaired Wakefield Link Health Watch and became Mayor of Featherstone. 

Her life took an unexpected turn when she was diagnosed with cancer and after months of treatment, Jan was referred to the Hospice for end of life care.

She found it  a warm and welcoming place, giving comfort and dignity. One particular feature of Jan’s room was a specialist recliner chair, designed specifically for patients with advanced illness. This chair might seem like a minor detail, but it played a crucial role in Jan’s care.

The first time Jan settled into the chair, she was surprised by the difference it made. It could be adjusted with ease, allowing Jan to find the perfect position, whether she wanted to sit up and read her favourite book, lie back and watch the garden through her patio door, or recline fully for a nap.

Over the next few days, Jan realised just how important this chair was to her well-being. Beyond physical comfort, the ability to sit up comfortably gave her a renewed sense of independence. She could now engage in activities that had become challenging and enjoy meals with her family.

One afternoon, Jan’s husband, Brendan, came to visit. He found his wife sitting in the chair, with a slight smile on her face. They could sit together and talked about old memories and laughed about family anecdotes.

As time went by, the chair continued to support Jan through her journey. It was there for her during quiet moments of reflection, when she read letters from friends and family. It provided a cosy place to sit during her favourite time of day with the golden rays of the afternoon sun filtering through the window, casting a warm glow across the room. For Jan, the special chair was a gift of comfort, peace, and dignity—an essential part of her hospice experience that made a profound difference in the final chapter of her life.

Following this experience she decided to leave a generous donation to the Hospice towards new chairs. Her family are proud this legacy will ensure future patients benefit from the same physical comfort and emotional solace she found sitting her special chair.

Your kindness can help complete the set so every single bedroom gets a new chair. 

We need to buy 14 chairs for a complete set, meaning we have to raise a total of £46,900. Can you help us make this happen so every bedroom gets a new chair?

How you can donate: 

In Person: at any of our shops or at The Prince of Wales Hospice – with reference of Chair Appeal
Telephone: 01977 708868
Text: Text 'CHAIR' followed by your donation amount (with no £ sign) to 70480
Bank transfer: The Five Towns Plus Hospice Fund Limited, 05-06-71, 16160892 – with reference of Chair Appeal
Online: click below

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