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Can you give a gift to care for someone like Pauline?
Did you know the cost of running just one of our Incare beds is £12.50 an hour?  This not only covers medical and nursing care, but also support for our patient's family, providing nutritious and delicious meals, and regular cleaning to keep infections at bay.

Incare patient Pauline, told us what a difference a stay at the Hospice made for her:
"When I came into the Hospice, I was struggling to breathe and swallow.  I hadn't been able to have a bath or a shower for three weeks."

Support from people like you gave Pauline a stay on Incare where she was able to start eating again with a soft diet, and she had oxygen to help improve her breathing.  

When asked about an hour of care that meant the most to her, she said, "Being able to have a shower the other day made me feel like I'd won the lottery." Read Paulines full story here.

Can you give a gift to care for someone like Pauline?

Your gift could help provide hand on support with eating, bathing, and moving - things most of us take for granted.  

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Give a gift to help someone like Pauline

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