Community groups

Are you a member of a Brownie Group, a Rotary Club or Social Club? Or perhaps you go to school or college, are a member of a church or sports team? Whatever group you are part of - we would love to hear from you! Here are just some of the ways we can work together to support Hospice care.

  • Host your own fundraising - Can you turn your next meet-up into a fundraiser, like a bake sale? Or could you host a raffle amongst your members? Ask us for resources which can help - from posters to collecting tins.

  • A talk or presentation - We would be delighted to deliver a formal presentation, a talk or host an assembly for your group all about the work of the Hospice.

  • Bring a Bag or Fill a Box - Can you give out a Hospice Shop bag, or a Home Collection Box to each of your members for them to fill and bring to your next meet-up?

  • Team challenges - Why not enter a team in one of our challenge events - like It's a Knockout, the Santa Dash or Golf Day?

    To discuss how your group can support The Prince of Wales Hospice, please contact us at


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