Charitable Trusts and Foundations

Support us to provide care for patients with life limiting illnesses and fulfill your charitable objectives.

From delivering tangible patient health and well-being benefits to providing holistic support for families, we can meet a range of your health, social and community improvement targets.
As the Hospice receives only around a quarter of its running costs from the NHS, these donations and grants are invaluable. They help with both core running costs, enabling 24 hour care, seven days a week, every single day of the year; or they contribute to discrete projects and capital expenditure.
Forming partnerships, from small family-run funds to larger, structured foundations, is essential to all the ways local people are helped at the most difficult of times. 

*If you want to find out more about the ways you can help, please contact our Trusts Fundraising Officer, Sharon, on or call 01977 781480.

Here are just some of the ways you can help to make a difference:
Our 13 bed Incare unit provides around the clock care for patients who need symptom management in order to return home,  or have choosen the safety and dignity of our Hospice for care at the end of their life.

£44,170 could cover all the costs of employing a fully qualified full-time nurse for one year.
Capital improvement: We have built an Incare extension to meet ever-increasing demand; refurbished the original bedrooms; and upgraded the heating system that was installed when the Hospice was built 27 years ago. Now, the kitchen needs complete refurbishment with some appliances nearing 25 years of age!

£5,000 could buy an upright refrigerator.

Medical Equipment - we constantly strive to improve care, using the best equipment available.

£1,166 could purchase a syringe driver for self-administered pain relief.

Family care team - providing social, spiritual and bereavement support.

£41 could pay for a home visit to a bereaved relative.
We are fortunate to already work with a number of charitable trusts, foundations and Local Authorities to support local families affected by life-limiting illness. Find out more about their fantastic support on the links below.
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