Jack's story

Day Therapy patient Jack, talks to us about having no fear, thanks to the staff at The Prince of Wales Hospice.

77-year-old Jack suffers from prostate cancer and has attended Day Therapy at The Prince of Wales Hospice for five months.
Like many, Jack had reservations about coming to the Hospice, he told us;I’ve enjoyed every minute of it, but I was sceptical when I first came because I’d never been in a hospice in my life.”

Jack went on to talk about the about the Day Therapy team, chuckling, he said; “They’re very entertaining, they’re very caring, very amusing and they take some stick, I’ve been giving them what for, for quite some time!”

From our conversation with Jack, it’s clear that he is very relaxed and content. He told us about his reaction when he first discovered he was coming to the Hospice.

“I can only give it full marks, there’s no need to be frightened of coming into these places. I’m on the end of life program and I don’t want to be resuscitated, I’ve had a good life.”

“It was a shock to the system, then after that you get to accept it. You see the doctors and the nurses and they do what they can to make you comfortable and reassure you for the end.

Jack says he has no fear of dying because of the reassurance he has received from Hospice staff about pain management. He said; “There’s only one thing that bothers me, I wouldn’t like to die alone. That’s my only bug bear, I’m not scared of dying but I wouldn’t like to die alone.”

When the time comes, Jack has chosen to be referred to the Hospice for end of life care, reassured that he will not be alone.
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