Cath's story

“You don’t just come to a hospice to pass away”
 Like many, Cath associated hospices with death and dying – until she attended our Day Therapy programme. Read Cath’s story about how The Prince of Wales Hospice has changed her view.

Cath's first encounter with The Prince of Wales Hospice was when she visited her sister in-law who was cared for at the Hospice, before she sadly passed away.

After a diagnosis of multiple cancers, Cath was referred into the Hospice herself for pain management. She told us; “I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t keep anything down, I couldn’t keep the pain killers down. I was in a lot of pain. It would have been six hours before I could get any pain relief in the community, so I ended up coming here and within 15 minutes I was pain free.”

Cath praised the treatment she has received at the Hospice. Talking about Emma, our Physiotherapist, she said; “I like Emma, she got me my stick which is helping me with my walking. Emma helps you to do exercises and keeps your breathing a lot more under control, and shows you how to relax. Her sessions have been really good.”

Following her treatment for pain management, breathing difficulties and help with her appetite, Cath was invited to join our Day Therapy Programme. She said; “When I came and started visiting the day centre, I was shown around and it was completely different. You don’t just come to a Hospice to pass away; you come for treatment for your breathing, for your pain, anything like that.”
Cath has been coming to Day Therapy for a year, and loves to get involved with all the activities available, especially if it involves making things. When we had a catch up with her, she was busy knitting a blanket. She told us; “I enjoy doing something like this, so I can take it home.  I made a scarf recently.  It was a thin scarf with nothing on, just plain and we painted on them. They didn’t look much when we hung them up, but when you put them on the bags they looked absolutely gorgeous.”

Talking about the bond she has made with other Hospice patients and the support she receives from them, Cath said; “You can talk to people and it gives you an idea of what they’re going through similar to you. It encourages you to go through with the treatments being offered because they’ll explain that they had it, and what symptoms to look out for.”

When asked if she would recommend The Prince of Wales Hospice, Cath said; “I recommended the Hospice to my Auntie; she had cancer and passed away two weeks ago. She was thankful I mentioned it to her. She was having problems at home, she couldn’t breathe. They fetched her in and she could breathe a lot better.
“It was a lot better environment than being at home, because there would have been nobody there and she would have been alone.”
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