Covid Bereavement Line

Lost someone to Covid-19? We can help.
 Here at the Hospice, we have a specialist team of bereavement counsellors and volunteers who help our patients, carers and family members come to terms with death and dying. During the current Covid-19 pandemic we are opening up our bereavement service to help anyone in the community who needs support to cope with the loss of a loved one from Coronavirus.

Phone: 01977 781452

You can call our phone line Monday- Friday, 9-5, with an answer machine for out of hours messages. We also have a dedicated email address for those who would prefer not to talk on the phone.
We have put together some questions and answers below to help with any queries you have about our service.
I've never had contact with the Hospice before, can I still use this service?
Yes, if you’re an adult and bereaved through COVID-19, you can refer yourself.
Who will I speak to?
You may need to leave your name and contact details so that one of our bereavement telephone supporters can call you back. Telephone supporters are all members of the Hospice team and have been through rigorous selection processes including police checks.
How can you help me?
We can offer you confidential time to talk about what’s happened and the effect it is having on you. Together we can look at what might be helpful for you right now including people, services, and activities.
How long can I talk for?
We find that people want to talk for between 30 minutes and 45 minutes.
Can I use the service more than once?
Yes if you need to. We may agree to call you again and we may suggest other help that is available.
I find it hard to talk about my feelings, can you still support me?
Many people coping with sudden bereavements may feel numb. We may be able to direct you to websites and online services that you may feel more comfortable with.
My relative is ill with Coronavirus, but hasn't passed away, can I still call?
Please do and we will support in any way we can.
My bereavement isn't related to Coronavirus, can you still help me?
Yes, we will be able to you give you information about grief, what’s ‘normal’ and other services that are available.
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