Students visit Hospice as part of NCS scheme

Wednesday, 20 September 2017
Last month, we were joined by a group of young people from the National Citizen Service (NCS), who wanted to find out more about Hospice Care.

The group visited our Outreach group in Badsworth, chatted with our patients, and were given a tour of the Hospice. 

Here's a blog from one of the attendees about their experiences of the day, we're really glad they enjoyed it!

“When we found out we were working with a Hospice, we we’re all anxious and slightly scared. The idea of going to a place where people go to die is very daunting. The day before everyone was stressing about if the people would like us, what type of food they’d eat and what they’d enjoy doing. All of the people at the Outreach group were enthusiastic about the idea of more young people volunteering at the Hospice. Everyone was very welcoming, the cake and tea went down a treat with the patients (and us!) After seeing how optimistic everyone using the Outreach service was, because of the Hospice, it made us less worried to go.
The Hospice itself was modern, clean and had a homely atmosphere. We were all expecting patients to be on wards and have lots of medical equipments and requirements. It didn’t even feel like a Hospice, more like a hotel or respite. The minimal, permanent medical equipment made the rooms more spacious and welcoming; the nurses were all lovely and smiley you could tell they cared about their patients a lot. On our tour of the Hospice we walked through the gardens and saw the summer houses donated by Marks and Spencer. All the flowers and greenery added to the Hospices peaceful, tranquil and relaxing atmosphere.
The Hospice was nothing like we expected.
After talking through the income and expenditure of the Hospice, it was clear to see that fundraising was at the heart of this Hospice. Donations bring £1.2m to the Hospice, that’s over a third of the total income. Much of this money, as we discovered, is spent on patient care, supporting Outreach services and bereavement services for families.
After our experience with The Prince of Wales Hospice, we had all disposed of our preconceived idea of what a Hospice would be like. It encouraged us all to sign up to volunteer at fundraisers and help in local shops; we would thoroughly recommend other young people to volunteer and make a difference in their community!”

Want to volunteer for the Hospice? Sign up to become an occasional volunteer here

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