On your bike!

Thursday, 21 May 2020

10-year-old James McGennit recently completely a 50km bike ride in honour of his grandma, whilst raising money for the Hospice.

Over the course of two days, James completed a 50km bike ride on an exercise bike and raised over £250.

James said: “I just thought it would be good to do something to help during lockdown… it was hard, but fun and I enjoyed it… I’m proud of myself.”

His idea came from his mum bringing the bike in from the shed and his grandad completing the Cyclothon last year and being entered in the 100 mile challenge this year to raise money for the Hospice.

However ,this wasn’t James' first time raising money for the Hospice, as he had taken part in the Santa Dash with his mum.

James’ grandma died in the Hospice last year and his mum and grandad have been supporting the Hospice since.

About his grandma’s time in the Hospice, James’ mum said:  “It meant that we could just be a family again and be together and smile which was so important at that time.

“It was nice for him to see his nana in an environment where she was comfortable. He had a walk around the beautiful garden with granddad.”

James completed the end of the bike ride on his driveway and his neighbours came out to cheer him on.

He said: “When I reached the £100 mark, it amazed me how kind everyone is, that felt even better when it got to £200… When I finished Mum gave me a medal that she had made.”

Jame said that he would like to complete a 100km bike ride next and a “proper bike ride with my granddad when the lockdown is over.”

He said: “I would say that it’s a great thing to do, it feels good, and it’s a big achievement.”

A big thank you to James from all of us for completing his bike ride and we can’t wait to hear about his next fundraiser!

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