Nifty at fifty Michelle off to a flying start!

Thursday, 11 April 2019
We caught up with the fantastic Michelle Grainger this week to hear all about her 50 for 50 fundraising. 

For those of you who don’t know (where have you been?!) Michelle has pledged to do 50 challenges for her 50thbirthday year to raise a whopping £30,000 for the Hospice.
Here’s what we chatted about, when she popped into the Hospice on Thursday: 
 Michelle! How is nifty at fifty going?
 "50 for 50 is going amazing; we’ve raised £4,777 so far since 23rd February."
How much is each challenge raising?
"Each event is raising different amounts. The charity star jar challenge is raising quite a lot with the coppers and pennies, because obviously the pennies make pounds! We are up to about £1,200 with that, so that’s going really well!”

 Tell us about the challenges you’ve done so far.
“I’ve had my birthday party, which was amazing, all my friends and family came. We raised £1,500 for that.
Fifty fruits in a week were a bit unusual; I had 7 a day and 8 on the last day. The avocado was disgusting, how people eat an avocado, I don’t know! The most unusual fruit I ate was a star fruit, which was a bit different! I did a 4x4 off road challenge last weekend.”
That sounds really fun, what did the 4x4 challenge involve?
 “It involved me driving a Land Rover on an off road course. I thought I’d just get in and drive it, but it wasn’t like at all! It was really bumpy, it had two gear sticks and then at some points I had to take my foot off the accelerator and it drove it self!"
What made you choose the 4x4 challenge and how have you chosen your other challenges? 
 "I really like adrenaline filled things, and to drive fast! Regarding the 50 for 50 challenges, there are certain things I want to do, and some things other people are testing and challenging me to do, really I’ll have a go at anything!"
So, what’s next Michelle? 
 “Challenge 7 is Thailand. I’m going for a week, so I’m sure I’ll find something to do! We’re flying out there but we haven’t got an internal flight once there, so the challenge might be getting on a train and a boat, or kayaking or eating something that is very usual.”

Lastly, before you rush off, why should people support your nifty at fifty campaign?
“Id say to people, from children to adults just please donate a penny or a pound, a small donation makes a large difference to such a fantastic charity.”
Feeling inspired? Head to Michelle’s Just Giving page to donate, and don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled on our social media to find out what challenges Michelle embarks on in Thailand!
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