Local Unemployed gain skills helping charity

Thursday, 15 October 2015

A group of local unemployed people, referred to Interserve Learning and Employment, have been tasked with raising money for charity. The group are part of a pilot programme to look at what impact undertaking charity work can have on their abilities to find paid employment.

On 7th October, as part of a skill building exercise, a group of unemployed people planned and took part in a fundraiser for The Prince of Wales Hospice. Amy Gale, Job Coach at Interserve says “Whatever challenges someone faces, when they come to us, they receive flexible support to make sure they get the right help for them. Taking part in tasks like this, will really help the group to develop their abilities.”

The event proved very successful for the group who have raised over £260 so far, beating the target they had set themselves for the day. “It was really lovely to see how the fundraiser could help build the group's confidence, especially as some of them find talking to people they don’t know really difficult. By the end of the day, even the most shy person in the group was happy to chat to anyone about their fundraiser”, says Katie Moore, Community Fundraiser at the Hospice. “By working with local groups like this one, it means that we are also helping the wider community we serve.”

Picture: Nathan Garbutt and Amy Gale from Interserve Learning and Employment, Pontefract

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