Hospice shop ransacked in overnight burglary

Friday, 3 November 2017
The shop manager of The Prince of Wales Hospice’s Knottingley shop arrived at the premises on Friday 3 November, to find the store had been broken into.

Entry was gained through the rear door, which is a heavy duty, steel fire door with a top and bottom barrel lock. The door was prized open and the store was ransacked. A number of valuables have been taken, and there is significant damage to the shop.
A locksmith has attended the shop to replace all locks, including the front door and the shutters. The total cost of the theft, loss of trade and associated damages is yet to be confirmed.
Christopher Ward, Head of Retail at the Hospice said; “This incident is devastating to the Hospice. We rely on our retail stores to bring in almost 20% of our total income and the break in will cause a significant loss.
“There is a lot of damage to the store, the cost of replacing doors and locks isn’t cheap and then there’s the loss of trade and valuables that were taken.  It’s disappointing that we’ve been targeted, when we provide such essential services to the community.”
The incident has been reported to West Yorkshire Police, if you have any information please call 101 quoting the reference number ‘13170512074’.
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