A fond farewell to our events fundraising volunteer!

Thursday, 7 June 2018
Till we meet again... we wish our fundraising volunteer, Megan, the best of luck in her new adventure at Camp America. She leaves a big gap in our fundraising family – are you looking to fill her shoes?

If you have that yearning to get involved in something truly exciting and rewarding, now is the perfect time to become part of our volunteering team. We’re looking for a fundraising volunteer to join our fundraising team and other experienced volunteers, to help with a variety opportunities such as, marshalling racing events, managing stalls at fetes, distributing posters in the local community – you can take part in as many or few of these as you like. 

Megan took a gap year after graduating from university to get involved in some volunteering at the Hospice. The role seemed to fit her perfectly as she loved thinking creatively and meeting new people. She explains, ‘My role as a fundraising volunteer was to support the other staff with the events they had on and their gratitude was always incredible.’ It was the perfect challenge for her to build up her experience on her CV whilst she took some time out in her gap year.

Megan completed many different tasks to help out the events teams such as: finding raffle prizes for events, inputting data for people who signed up for events, research based tasks, creative task such as making posters and a presentation for the ball. She also did tasks outside of the office such as building gazebos for the Garden Party and helping set up and take down all the lights at Farmer Copley’s for Festive Lights. Talking about the role Megan said; 'I did so many different tasks which was lovely as I never got bored as everything I did was so varied.'

Her experience covered working on high profile events such as the Cyclothon, the 10k and it’s a Knockout. The success of these made it all very rewarding.  Her involvement in so many aspects of the role massively improved her skills, and helped her build on these for the future. 

Megan gained so many new friends who have looked after her from day one at the Hospice and would 100% recommend it to everyone to give it a go. Yes it looks great on a CV for future employers but it is also one of the most rewarding things she has ever done. She would look forward to her time at the Hospice and her advice to anyone looking to join the team, ‘You really do make a difference through volunteering so I would recommend it to anyone!’
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