Skydive for Charity

If you are looking to skydive for charity then The Prince of Wales Hospice can help you do it.

Group Skydiving

Two ways to book a group sky dive involve the Prince of Wales Hospice booking it for you;

  1. The Prince of Wales Hospice hold planned charity skydives twice a year. These have limited spaces available and are usually on a Saturday in both March, April and September. Our next Charity Skydive will take place on Sunday 16th August and we have a limited number of 10 places.
  2. Alternatively you can book ad-hoc sky dives at any point throughout the year. Details of opening times for Skydive at Hibaldstow during high and low season are as follows:

    Low season : Jan, Feb, Oct, Nov, Dec : 5 days a week closing on Mondays & Tuesdays

    Mid-season : March, April, May, Sept : 6 days a week closing only on Tuesdays

    High season :June, July & August : open 7 days a week.

How to Take Part in a Planned Charity Skydive

  • For planned skydives please fill in a 'Skydive Registration Form’. You can download one below.
  • You must then fill these in and return them to the Hospice with a £50 deposit.
  • Once the we receive your registration form, it will be e-mailed directly to Target Skysports, who will then send confirmation directly to you.
  • Once you have received your confirmation, we will send you out a fundraising pack which should give you some ideas on how to raise the additional money.

If you fundraise online, you must inform us in advance so payment arrangements can be made for the dive with the Target Skysports before the jump day.

A print out of the fundraising page must be taken to the dive centre on the day of the jump.  

Individual Skydive

If you would like to arrange a skydive for charity on your own but still raise funds for us then you can. Get in touch with the Hospice and get a sponsorship pack. Then arrange your dive with the skydiving company.

How much does a Charity Skydive Cost?

By Skydiving for the Prince of Wales Hospice you can Skydive for FREE, as long you raise a minimum of £395.

The minimum sponsorship includes the cost of the jump, so the more money you raise for your charity skydive, the more the Hospice will receive.