Clinical Governance

Clinical governance is a system through which the Hospice is accountable for continuously improving the quality of our services and safeguarding high standards of care by creating an environment in which excellence in clinical care will flourish.

We employ robust systems of clinical governance for accountability, continuous improvement and excellence, including;

  • Ensuring that we are complying with Care Quality Commission outcomes and regulations
  • Monitoring care through the use of Help the Hospice audit tools and other measures to ensure best practice
  • Monitoring patient and carer satisfaction by responding promptly to comments and complaints and conducting an audit of patient and carer satisfaction surveys
  • Rigorously reviewing reports of incidents and near misses and putting in place appropriate action plans
  • Development of clinical guidelines based on the most up to date evidence.

The Hospice is registered and inspected by the Care Quality Commission, which is the independent regulator of care in England.

We must undergo annual unannounced inspections from the CQC. The report from our latest inspection can be seen below.