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Pat first brought her partner Bev into the Hospice on August 2nd 2011. Although she was reluctant she knew she was bringing Bev and herself to one of the best cancer charities. She knew that the Prince of Wales Hospice was able to provide care for cancer patients and that it would provide them both with the support they needed.

“The Hospice is different to a hospital. It is all about the patient. I was consulted in every decision as well. You feel important but most of all, comfortable.”

Bev stayed at the Hospice for a number of weeks where her symptoms were managed, meaning she could eventually return home.

“You think when you go into a hospice you don’t come out. But the care Bev received was fantastic. I was really grateful for the time we were able to spend together again.”

“In the end we couldn’t cope at home. Even with MacMillan and District Nurses. The Hospice was the best place for her and me.” “She didn’t lose any dignity. It is personal at the Hospice. Nurses would chat with her for hours. They did everything they could to give her confidence.”

By donating to or fund raising for the Hospice, you will make a real difference and directly be improving the quality of life for our cancer patients and those nearing the end of their lives.

Bev came back to the Hospice on New Year’s Eve and sadly died on 23rd January 2012.

“The support we received was fantastic. All I can say is if you are thinking about supporting the Hospice, please do.”

The Prince of Wales Hospice cares for hundreds of patients each year, many of whom suffer from cancer. As a cancer charity we need to raise funds to help our team deliver and grow a world class range of hospice treatments and care for cancer patients and their families.

Cancer patients receive a higher quality of care at the Hospice than can be supplied by Hospitals. This focus on care combined with our hospices facilities and unique range of cancer treatments gives us the ability to deliver a holistic range of services that address the physical, psychological, social and even spiritual needs of our cancer patients.

How to support our charity

There are many was to get involved with raising funds for the charity. Why not:


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